Coco Disk (Different sizes)


Product code: Cocopeat 08


Available in different sizes


Coco discs can be made from different types of coarse coco peat; Profit and Maximum.

Coco discs can be used for various crops, but particularly outstanding results can be achieved in gerbera cultivation.

The discs are easy to use and expand rapidly.

The excellent physical characteristics are comparable with those of loose Profit and Maximum coco material.


  • pH-H2O 5.5 – 7.0
  • EC < 1,5 mS/cm
  • Air content between 30 – 50%
  • Delivery on pallets with pallet corners
  • Suitable for pot size (Interco)
  • 19 cm small
  • 19 cm standard
  • 21 cm compact


Suitable for various crops, particularly gerbera.