Coco Block 5 kg Sieved & 30% added Fiber


Product code: Cocopeat 02


Coco-fibre is used as an additive in growing media since the early nineties.

The popularity is due to the remarkable improvements of the characteristics of the growing media, especially peat.

Especially in types of peat that get hydrophobic after drying out, Coco-fibre is used to keep the growing medium capillary and water adsorbing

Also it divides the water in the whole medium, equally.

This improves the rooting in the whole pot-volume.

Because this Coco-fibre is a natural wetting agent, more and more professional growers are asking their potting soil producer to add Coco-fibre.

  • Our Coco-fibre improves capillarity in your substrate.
  • Our Coco-fibre keeps your growing media elastic.
  • Our Coco-fibre is an additive with a long experience.
  • Our Coco-fibre is a 100% organic material.
  • Our Coco-fibre is a clean material with a low EC ( < 0,3 mS/cm in the 1:1,5-volume-extract)
  • Our Coco-fibre is easy in handling because the length ( av. 1-3 cm)
  • Our Coco-fibre is more stable because of the thickness of the fibres.
  • Our Coco-fibre is traded under the RHP-mark.

Coco-fibre is used in the manufacturing of products such as brushes, mats, ropes and filters.

We are producing Coco-fibre exclusively for horticultural purposes, as our roots are in the horticultural field we know very well what specifications are needed for Coco-fibre.

Since the early nineties Coco-fibre has also been used in potting mix.

The production of Coco-fibre is the following:

The husk which grows around the hard coconut contains both fibres and fine materials.

After removing the fine material (Coco-pith) we select the thickest fibres to produce our Coco-fibre.

The selected fibres are washed in big tanks to reduce the EC below 0,3 mS/cm.

After this washing, the fibres are dried on a clean concrete floor.

When drying is realised, the fibres are cut on machines which are especially developed for this purpose.

The Coco-fibre is pressed in bales to be shipped to the potting soil producer or end user.