Coco Block 5kg Un-Sieved High E.C


Product code: Cocopeat 04


A normal growing medium:

Coco-peat is a growing medium which is in use since many years.

The popularity is due to the remarkable good characteristics:

  • Coco-peat  has naturally a high air-porosity.
  • Coco-peat absorbs water easily.
  • Coco-peat is a stable material.
  • Coco-peat is a 100% organic material.
  • Coco-peat is easy in handling.
  • Coco-peat can be transported in compressed form in different shapes.
  • Coco-peat is a growing medium with proven experience.

The production of Coco-peat is the following:

The husk which grows around the hard coconut contains both fibers and fine materials.

After most of the fiber has been removed we are left with the fine material, the Coco-peat.


To guarantee the stability of the Coco-peat, we “age” the Coco-peat before further treatment.

Although this is a quite expensive way of production, we do this to avoid problems with breaking down of the Coco-peat and to improve the stability and reliability of your growing medium.


High E.C  Coco-Peat is Unwashed  with salt high salt contact and high Electric Conductivity


No buffering is required for High E.C Coco-Peat.