Coco Block 5kg Un-Sieved Low E.C


Product code: Cocopeat 05


Coco-peat is an ideal substitute for peat moss, and has the following uses;

As a soil supplement: Re-hydrated coir block mixed with soil improves water holding capacity and aeration.

For seed generation: Coir dust in starter containers speeds up germination and profuse rooting of seedlings.

For tissue culture: Wetted coir brick in poly bags encourages initial growth phase of tissue cultured plants and grafted seedlings.



Provides good water retention property to soil.

Increases soil aeration

Enhances soil wetting.

Acts as a solid potting medium and substratum for plants.

Laboratory analysis report of a typical sample:

Microbiological Analysis:

1. E Coli / gm: Absent

2. Salmonella / 25 gm: Absent


Chemical Properties:

  • pH of 1% suspension:    6.18%
  • E.C:    0.488ms/cm
  • Chloride:47mgm / Lt
  • Moisture content at 105 degree C:    10.82%
  • Ash at 900 degree C:    5.96%
  • Organic matter at 900 degree C (on dried basis):93.32%
  • Bulk density:    157Kg/m3
  • Sodium:    142mgr/Lt.
  • Potassium:    710mgr/Lt.
  • Iron: 1004 mgr/Lt.
  • Manganese:    Not Detected
  • Zinc: 219 micrograms/Lt.
  • Copper:     181micrograms/Lt.
  • Nitrogen: 0.40%
  • Phosphorus:    206mgr/Lt.
  • Magnesium: 192mgr/Lt.
  • Calcium: 299mgr/Lt.

Does not contain harmful pathogen, sand or natural soil.

Block dimensions: 30cm x 30cm x 12cm (5kg block).