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By studying this sort of skills,other than meeting new friends & learning a new trade. At least you have something to pass on some knowledge to your grand kids in future,When you grow up.

Horticultural studies

horticulture [Lat. hortus =garden], science and art of gardening and of cultivating fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants. Horticulture generally refers to small-scale gardening, and agriculture to the growing of field crops. As the industry of horticulture itself is a highly skilled based functioning industry and extensive technical knowledge is needed to succeed in it. 100% practical skills training to all farmers and future farmers who’s keen to make it big in agriculture. We at Zaden en Kokos are providing you with a 3 months ( 2 days per week (Saturday and Sunday) X 10 sessions (12 hours per sessions).

Our scope of studies includes:

To train our participants on functions of minerals/chemical on plants compatibility of chemicals usage and dosage of chemicals / fertilizer in agriculture, trouble shooting fertilizer deficiency / excessiveness, compounding chemicals to fertilizers - fertilizer recipe for individual plant variety mixes, function of foliar spray fertilizer, frequency of fertilizer schedule, function of hormone in plants, identification of right plant regulators for usage in plants, growth media – function – usage – practicality. 

Formulating own growth media – costing – commercializing, fertilizing methods (out of the box), insecticide – usage – function of active ingredients – practicality, fungicide – usage – function, herbicide – usage- function, irrigation systems – types of irrigation – fertigation – tubing – plumbing systems modification – functions harness. dieseses control – identification – control – cost.

Production of vegetables – increasing production – weight increase – flowering – fruits quality. Practical works – complete farming – planting – caring – harvest. Green House – needs – function – economicality . Farm visits ( 5 farms in low lands area – 5 farms in Cameron highland- )

Examinations – verbal question – written question – practical answers, Exam results ­– trouble shooting all wrongs – improving all understandings.

Questions / Answers and practical advising economics of all future endeavours

Certification of graduating students.

All studies and training are conducted in our own farm in KAMPUNG RIBU – KUALA SAWAH – RANTAU (NEGERI SEMBILAN) a 6 acres fully integrated fertigation farm specialize in growing, Chillies long, Eggplant Mini & Long, Eggplant Round, Chillies (Padi Thai), Chillies (Lombok), Cucumbers, Bittergourds, Long gourds, Long beans. 

Kampung Rajah, Cameron Highlands.

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