Drip irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation system is a system in which water is supplied directly to the root of the plant through pvc pipe and small hdpe lateral tubes. This reduces the wastage of water and maximum utilization of the available sources. Drip irrigation equipments are manufactured using high quality raw materials available in the market and state of the art machines, which will give consistent quality and minimum rejection.

Our Product Range includes HDPE pipes, MDPE pipes, PP pipes, HDPE ducts, PLB ducts, HDPE conduits, HDPE Pipe Gaskets, pipe jointing equipments, PP fittings, industrial HDPE pipes, pipe fittings, Plastic valves, HDPE valves, HDPE ball valves, PP ball valves, irrigation fittings, pipe jointing machines, pipe fitting equipment and many more.

We ensure that the drip irrigation systems installed in farmers’ field are properly commissioned and proper training is imparted to the farmers for working with these equipment

We aim to minimize the water, fertilizer, and labor cost generally involved in farming and different types of plantation with our technologically advanced drip irrigation systems.

we are able to provide services for soil survey, engineering design to agronomic support and turnkey projects for agricultural & irrigation development. The advanced machines and technology have further helped us to customize our range of machines as per the specific demands of our clients.

For every product, we have a formal quality assurance plan to ensure early identification of defective products to reduce costs.

We are also specialized in executing bankable projects, Govt subsidies and projects related to Hi tech farming

Advantages of Drip Irrigation :

- Low water consumption

- Economic use of man power

- Fertigation technology can be easily adopted using drip systems

- Efficient use of farm inputs or agriculture chemicals

- Yield stabilization can be achieved


We are committed to satisfy customers

- Unflinching quality

- Sustainable

- Durability of our products

- Cheapest Cost

Following is our range of Products.