Nature’s gift to the Horticulture World

Zaden en Kokos  is a horticultural company dealing with vegetable growing expertise.

We are manufacturing and exporting growing medium called “COCO PEAT”.

Coco peat is known by different names such as coco pith, coir peat, coir dust, coir fibre dust etc.,

Coco peat is a granular spongy particles extracted during the separation of fibre from  the  coco nut husk.

The coco peat plays major role in the horticultural field globally.

As  the  coco peat has high aeration and water holding capacity, it is known to be a good  substrates for the plants.

Coco peat is compressed in various form according to the customers requirement, for the loading purpose.

Coco peat after extracted is dumped and left for more than 3 months period, washed and sun dried naturally.

After the material is collected and taken as the raw material.

Then the raw material is machine screened, processed and compressed according to customers customized specifications.